OLA Uniform Policy
The complete uniform as described below is required every day. Training in proper attire is training for the future. All uniform attire must be purchased at J.B. Edwards Uniform Company.
*** Belts must be worn with all shorts and slacks for both boys and girls.
*** Audio/visual shoes/sneakers are not permitted.
*** Shirts must always be tucked in.
Junior High Girls
Gray uniform kilt with pin or pleated skirt, no shorter than knee length, navy blue skort-- worn with winter-weight tights, or navy, gray or tan pants. White or light blue oxford blouse with button-down collar. Navy, crew-neck uniform sweater or school fleece vest. Nylon stockings or solid navy, white or gray tights, knee socks or ankle socks, which must cover the ankle. School shoes must have a back and no more than a 1 inch heel.
Junior High Boys
Navy, gray or tan pants. White or light blue oxford shirt with button-down collar. Navy, V-neck cardigan, pullover sweater or school fleece vest. Navy school necktie. Flat sole school shoes.
Girls, Grades 1-6
Light blue plaid uniform jumper, no shorter than knee length. Navy or gray pants. Navy skort may be worn with winter weight tights only. White or blue blouse with Peter Pan collar. Navy, v-neck cardigan sweater. Navy, gray or white solid tights, knee socks, or ankle socks. School shoes with a back and no more than a 1 inch heel.
Girls, Grades 1-3
Add an O.L.A., girls' necktie to the above uniform.
Boys, Grades 1-6
Navy or gray pants. White or light blue oxford shirt with button-down collar. Navy, v-neck cardigan or pullover sweater. Navy , ve-neck cardigan or pullover sweater. Navy school necktie. Flat-sole shoes.
Kindergarten Uniform
Navy blue or gray pants, shorts or girls' navy skort with winter weight tights. Light blue or navy blue O.L.A. golf shirt or t-shirt. Navy O.L.A. Sweatshirt. School shoes with a back and no more than a 1 inch heel.
Physical Education Uniform
All students, K-8, must wear the blue O.L.A. sweatpants or windpants, OLA sweatshirt, OLA golf shirt or T-shirt. Sneakers must be worn for gym. Inappropriate gym clothing will meet with the same response as other uniform violations.
Summer Uniform (Before Oct. 1 and After April 30)
School uniform walking shorts or skorts. Sandals with heel strap and no more than a one inch heel. Navy, gray, or white socks or stockings. All socks must cover the ankle. Sweater is not required. OLA golf shirt may be worn in place of oxford shirt or blouse. OLA gym shorts may be worn on gym days.
Out-of-Uniform Days
Whether we are celebrating a Jeans Day, a special holiday, or an earned privilege, students’ dress is expected to be school appropriate. T-shirts with music groups or inappropriate slogans are not permitted. All skirts must be at least knee length and OLA shoe policies must be followed. Students may not wear flip-flop sandals, open back shoes, tank tops, snaakers that convert to roller skates, biker shorts, pajama pants, make-up, hats, or artificial nails. Students will be asked to call home for any infractions.
Headsets, etc.
Headsets, radios, walkmans, cell phones, Game Boys, etc. are not permitted at any time during the school day and are not permitted during arrival and dismissal times. No personal, electronic or wireless equipment may be brought to school by any student.
Uniforms may not be adorned. Excessive jewelry, hair ornaments (including kerchiefs and beads), bracelets, pins, etc., are not part of the uniform and may not be worn. One religious or school issued pin may be worn. Earrings, post-style, may not extend below the earlobe. Pierced style jewelry may be worn in the earlobe only. No cosmetics are permitted with the exception of clear nail polish for the girls. No artificial nails may be worn. No tattoos of any kind.
In keeping with an orderly educational atmosphere, all students are expected to be clean and well groomed, with traditional haircuts. Extreme grooming/fashions are not permitted. Scrunchies, hair clips, rubber bands, etc. must be in the hair, not worn on wrists. Extreme hair coloring and bleaching is not permitted. Students who are out of uniform may be required to phone their parents to bring the necessary uniform to school.