Frequently Asked Questions
The School Schedule?
The school calendar year is the same as the Worcester Public Schools with the exception of staff development days, The schedule is printed in the student handbook, which students receive the first day of school, but is subject to change. We advise families to read the weekly Wednesday newsletters for further information during the year.

Arrival time for school is at 7:50 am. NO VEHICLES are allowed in the driveway to ensure safety among the students and parents. Dismissal is at 2:30 pm. Vehicles are allowed in the driveway at dismissal, with a one way exit to the side of school toward Holland Road.
Website Information
Information for students, parents, and teachers is available and updated frequently. Use "" for links that provide further information about the school.
Is there a school uniform policy?
Yes. For all students in preschool through Grade 8, students are required to wear a specific uniform according to the student/parent handbook. All uniforms are purchased through the JB Edward Uniform Store, (located on Southbridge St., Auburn, MA).
The school calendar is published on the school's website.   A weekly newsletter is distributed each Wednesday via email to all families.
Each classroom has a Wikki page to keep parents updated with the happenings in their child's classroom.  Report cards/progress reports can be accessed by 4th - 8th grade students using the
Is there a school bus route?
Yes. The Worcester Public School Department provides school bus routes for students at Our Lady of the Angels School who reside in the City of Worcester.  Requests for stops are made directly through the WPS Transportation Department.
Does the school attend church mass?
Students attend Mass on holy days of obligation and during Lent. Services such as Stations of the Cross and the Christmas Pageant are celebrated. Students also attend Mass on the first and last day of the school year.
Does the school provide hot lunch programs?
Each day of the week, the Parent Organization will provide a hot lunch option. Lunch voucher books are purchased through the Parent Organization . Students turn in a voucher if they wish to purchase lunch on any particular day.
What is the Buddy System?
The school has a buddy system in which Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students are assigned “buddies” from the upper grade classes (Grade 6,7,8) to aid the younger students in their transition to school. The buddies usually attend Mass with the students, share cards and small art projects during holidays, etc.
Extracurricular Activities:
The school provides activities throughout the year. We offer intramural and league soccer, cross country, basketball, and baseball. Other clubs include: Scrabble Club, Ski Club, Book Club and periodic sign ups for activities such as children’s chorus. School band lessons are offered at a cost for Grades 3 through 8. Junior high students may be nursing home volunteers, and there is a Junior Youth Group with activities like roller skating, movie nights, dances and bowling.
A National Junior High Honor Society Chapter is established at the school for grades 7 and 8. The NJHS also offers weekly tutoring sessions to other students in the school.
After School Program:
After School program is provided between 2:30 and 5:30 pm for students at OLA School. All students are eligible to stay after in the program as needed or requested. An hourly fee is charges and invoices are sent on a monthly basis. Sign up forms are available at the beginning of the school year with a checklist for the days you would be using the program. "Snow school" has been offered by the After School Program director in past years on snow days if families express enough interest.
The school does have fundraisers throughout the year to enhance extracurricular student activities. The 8th grade has a jeans day once a month to raise funds for graduation and end of year activities. Magazine drives, Innisbrook Wraps, Little Caesars Pizza, and Jog-a-thons have been offered in the past as fundraisers in the fall and spring.
Spanish is instructed on a weekly basis Preschool through Grade 6, and daily for Grades 7 and 8. Music instruction and physical education is provided on a weekly basis.