Mrs. Dinsdale
Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes is a comprehensive, integrated language arts program based on solid reading research. Forms (genres) of literature studied are the novel and novella, short story, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and the American folk tradition.

Eighth graders use the textbook Algebra: Structure and Method (Dolciani) to cover the following topics: Introduction to algebra, working with real numbers, solving equations and problems, polynomials, factoring of polynomials, fractions, applying fractions, introduction to functions, systems of linear equations, inequalities, rational and irrational numbers, and quadratic functions.

The mission of a Catholic school is to pass on the Catholic faith so that it is understood, valued, and integrated into the whole of a student’s life. We study the history of the Catholic Church, liturgy, prayer, morality, and social justice issues.
The text is Glencoe Science Voyages, Levels Green and Blue. The eighth grade green level will continue with the project such as waves, light, and lenses an addition to units not completed in the previous year. The blue level focuses on motion, forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion, the periodic table and chemical bonding, carbon chemistry, and astronomy. We are hands-on in group activities and have outside research projects and reports that are expressed through power point presentations. We also do group projects within the classroom, such as making roller coasters, that engage the students at a more challenging level. Labs must be documented in folder and results are charted with Microsoft Excel.
Voyages in English explores the world of language. We read some of the best of today’s literature as students learn about functional and creative writing. We will examine grammar and how it is used to develop good writing skills. Students will begin to make connections between their own writing and ideas and what they have read. We also have vocabulary books to help expand students’ vocabularies, improve their vocabulary skills, and prepare students for the vocabulary strands of standardized tests.
Computer Lab
In computer class, students advance in keyboarding skills with testing to reach full potential. Students learn about technology. Microsoft Office is integrated into the whole learning experience through projects.
This year’s service project in third grade is called “Helping Hands.” Students in grade three will visit our preschool once a month and help the little ones with new tasks they are learning. The students will read to the preschoolers, work on letters of the alphabet, their sounds, numbers, etc.