This program integrates curriculum ideas and learning experiences into every part of the nursery school day. Emphasis is on encouraging children to make choices, interact freely and build upon their individual talents thus providing a strong educational foundation. Children enjoy manipulating a world scaled to their level and will ultimately learn from their own experiences.
A full day program is offered, which introduces the students to the skills and satisfactions of learning. Children are introduced to “readiness” Math, Phonics and Writing as well as Art, Social Studies, Religion, Music, etc..
Mathematical Programs
that provide understanding of fundamental concepts and computational techniques. A standard and an honors program are offered in grades 7 & 8.
An English Program
that develops the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening to foster effective communication. A standard and honors program are offered in grades7 & 8.
A Social Studies Program
which integrates social, political, intellectual, cultural, religious, economic and geographical aspects of life and their relationship to each other and to social change .
Science Programs
which offer an introduction to the multifaceted world of scientific knowledge .
Reading Programs
which begin in Kindergarten based on the phonetic method, Basal Readers and a Literature Program in grades 7 and 8.
Foreign Language Program
that introduces Spanish as an exploratory program in PreK through sixth grade and a credit program in grades seven and eight with the goal of enabling the student to read, write, speak and enjoy the Spanish language and understand that culture.
Computer Program
where students learn specific concepts of keyboard and word processing, and the practical application of computer language and technology. Computer is taught in K through seventh grade. In addition to a computer lab, some classrooms have computer stations in the classroom.
Physical Education Programs
that teach lifetime skills to be enjoyed as leisure activities and to provide youngsters with an understanding of the value of physical fitness, endurance, sportsmanship and teamwork.
A Handwriting Program
for students in grades Kindergarten through grade 3 that teaches correct handwriting skills through the Zaner-Bloser method.
Specialized Teaching
for students in small groups, to reinforce material presented in the classroom in the areas of Reading and Phonics, Grades 1-6.
Cultural Enrichment Programs
that include Art, Music and yearly Field Trips.
After School and Before School Programs
that are supervised and available for Our Lady of the Angels Students, at a moderate cost.