Grade 5
Mrs. Thurber
In Reading, fifth graders read stories from many genres to increase their appreciation and ability to analyze different kinds of nonfiction and fiction. They work with weekly spelling and vocabulary lists in the context of these stories, and also practice key reading skills like finding the main idea, identifying plot elements, and analyzing story characters.

In Math, fifth graders improve their accuracy with the multiplication and division algorithms, review numeration and measurement, then focus on the study of decimals and fractions. Units on geometry and the properties of mathematics are also presented.

The fifth grade religion curriculum focuses on the seven sacraments and the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Stories from both Scripture and everyday life are used to help students understand the teachings of the Church and how to do Jesus’ work today. Each sacrament is examined in detail, with lessons on the meaning, celebration, and effects of each sacrament.
The text for Science class is Harcourt Science for grade 5. The life science unit explores classification, cell growth and development, stages of life, genetics, and cycles in nature. The earth science unit explores changes in the earth, rocks and minerals, and weather and climate. The physical science unit discusses matter and its properties, forces and forms of energy. All units involve special projects, hands-on activities, microscope work, and group activities. The use of computer research and activities is included..
In English students receive comprehensive instruction in all major parts of speech: nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Writing skills are developed through extensive journal writing, as well as descriptive, personal narrative, and how-to compositions, character interviews, and some fictional pieces. Research skills are introduced during the year. Daily practice in language mechanics and proper usage is also stressed.
Social Studies
Fifth grade Social Studies focuses on the history of our continent, from the arrival of the first Native Americans through the U.S. Civil War. Students utilize reading, writing, research, and technology skills to gain a general understanding of the story of our nation. Particular emphasis is placed on the American Revolution and the U.S. Constitution.
The fifth grade works with Jeremiah’s Inn, a local homeless shelter and food pantry, to collect food, clothes, and other needed items. The director of Jeremiah’s helps them learn about the homeless situation on the local and national level via class discussion and recommended literature.