Grade 1
Ms. McConville
In Reading students will work on phonemic awareness (blending and segmenting words), and are given a set of spelling and high frequency words to learn each week. They also work on reading with fluency and comprehension. Students are also asked to work on a book report.
In math, students will learn addition and subtraction strategies and facts to 12, two digit number addition and subtraction, number words, and ordinals, data and graphs, place value to 100, geometry, money, time, measurement, and fractions.
The first grade Religion curriculum invites students to learn and live the Catholic faith. The lessons engage students with Scripture stories, enlighten students about the teachings of the Catholic Church, celebrate the church year, and use lives of saints, including many newly canonized, to bring the lessons alive.
Our Science curriculum covers Life Science, where students learn about the plants and animals all around us and about living and non-living things. In Earth Science students will learn about natural resources, rocks, fossils, weather, the sky, and seasons. In Physical Science students will learn about matter and energy, along with forces and magnets. Students are required to complete simple science projects at home as part of their homework.
In English, students will learn about sentences, nouns friendly letters, verbs, and how to use articles, pronouns, adjectives, and contractions. Friendly letters, personal narrative, and book reports will also be covered. Students will be introduced to synonyms, antonyms, and homophones. They will also work on alphabetical order and dictionary skills.
Social Studies
For Social Studies, students will learn geography skills using models and maps. They will learn about their neighborhood. They will learn about our government and voting. They will learn about people at work along with their needs and wants. We will discuss our world, what is happening in America, and about special holidays and symbols.
Grade One’s service project is to collect money so we can purchase needed items for the Worcester Animal Rescue League.