Grade 4
Ms. Maloney
Students are exposed to and become familiar with the types of literature genres. Students also practice important skills that lead them to be more successful readers and help them to enjoy reading books from all genres.

In Math, after a review of the multiplication tables, fourth graders deepen their understanding of numeration, addition, and subtraction before focusing on the algorithms for multidigit multiplication and division. They then study decimals, fractions, geometry, and measurement. The math curriculum in grades four through seven is designed to prepare students to take Algebra I in the eighth grade.

In Religion class, students continue to learn what it means to follow Jesus’ teachings. Service is a large part of the curriculum. The fourth graders participate in a prayer partner service project, where they write to and visit with the Sisters of Notre Dame. Students are also exposed to Scripture stories that can relate to every day situations they face in their lives.
The Science program is one that incorporates Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science into one curriculum. Hands on learning labs are incorporated into each unit.
Students in fourth grade do a lot of writing. Descriptive, narrative, expository, persuasive, and imaginative are all covered. Students write to authors, the President, prayer partners, and pen pals. Students also learn the mechanics of writing and do daily editing.
Social Studies
For Social Studies, fourth grade studies regions of the United States in Social Studies. Each unit is about a different region within the U.S., discussing the people, places, climate, resources, economy, and environment.
Fourth graders participate in a November food drive to help those in need during the Thanksgiving season. Fourth graders also participate in a school wide tab drive for Shriners Children’s Hospital. All can tabs are delivered to Shriners and recycled. The money goes toward state of the art equipment and care for their burn patients.