Grade 6
Mrs. Paquette
The Literature book for Grade 6 is Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes. Through the reading and discussion of novels, short stories, plays and poems, the students will be able to select and organize relevant information, scan for key words and ideas, and define and given examples of literary structures, such as plot, setting, and conflict.

The text is Progress in Mathematics. We cover multiplication division of decimals; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; number theory and fractions; measurement, ratio, proportions, percent and percent application. If there is remaining time, we cover algebra with the four operations with positive and negative numbers.

The text is Blest Are We for sixth grade. The focus is the study of the Old Testament. We study the history of the Jewish people and their monotheistic faith as introduced by Abraham and his descendants .Another central figure we study is Moses, his leadership in the exodus of the Jewish people from slavery, and the gift of the Ten Commandments. We celebrate Shabbat prayer services on Friday and learn about other Jewish holidays. We learn how many Jewish religious practices are integrated into the Catholic faith.
The text is Harcourt Science for the sixth grade level. It is a general science textbook. In the life science unit, we focus on the study of cells and genetics, plant growth, vertebrates and invertebrates; this section involves animal dissection and lab drawings. In the earth science section we focus on ecosystems, symbiosis of animals and plants, and the earth’s oceans: current events and different bio-systems and introduced, as well as modern technological developments. In the physical science unit we work on atoms, element, compounds and the properties and change of matter. All of the work s complimented with hands-on experimental work.
Students receive in-depth instruction in all the major parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions, and interjections. In addition, emphasis is placed on writing skills, especially in the areas of narration, description, persuasion, character sketches, and poetry. Extensive journal writing is also a component of the writing curriculum. A research paper is also completed. Practice in language mechanics and proper usage is stressed daily.
Social Studies
The textbook is A Message of Ancient Days, and we cover the following units of study: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient China, and Ancient Greece. Students learn note taking techniques and active reading techniques.