Grade 3
Mrs. Shahood
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In Reading class, students will enjoy reading fiction, non-fiction and fantasy selections throughout the year. Not only will students work on developing new vocabulary and comprehension skills, they will learn to identify cause and effect, the sequence of events, story structure, summarizing, and character description.

For Math, students in grade three build on their knowledge of addition and subtraction to do multidigit problems, then learn the meanings of multiplication and division. They then engage in an intensive effort to understand and memorize their multiplication tables through 12 X 12.

Other topics in third grade math include numeration, time and money, measurement, geometry, and fractions. Students deepen their understanding of these topics using the foundation built in kindergarten, first, and second grades.

As Christians, we believe in one, holy, Catholic, apostolic Church. In Religion students examine the meaning of each of the four marks of the Church. They are introduced to the Sacraments of Initiation, forgiveness, and healing being open to all, and what it means to be true followers of Jesus.
Science will cover many aspects of our amazing Earth. Students will study the layers of the Earth, kinds of rocks, weathering, and erosion. We will also investigate the water cycle, weather, and types of matter. In the spring we will study plants.
This year’s English program will focus on sentence structure. Students will work on the basic parts of speech: nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and adverbs, and how to put them together to form strong complete sentences. In English we will also work on writing skills. Each month students will work on their creative writing, which will include narrative paragraphs, letter writing, various types of poems, and short stories.
Social Studies
The focus of Social Studies is on communities. We begin by identifying the three types of communities and how all people must work together to make them successful. From there we move on to the birth of our nation, the first English settlement at Jamestown, the Revolution, and how the United States grew to be the country it is today.
This year’s service project in third grade is called “Helping Hands.” Students in grade three will visit our preschool once a month and help the little ones with new tasks they are learning. The students will read to the preschoolers, work on letters of the alphabet, their sounds, numbers, etc.