Preschool & Kindergarten

Preschool Curriculum Overview:

Preschool Brochure

In the Little Angels Preschool Program, our first focus is on socialization and self-help skills. We tie all areas of learning into each center of the classroom. We encourage our students to try their best and try to build their self esteem in a loving and safe environment.

Language Development: To develop literacy , preschoolers work on phonological and print awareness, alphabet knowledge and knowledge of books. They do early writing activities as well. Over the course of the school year, preschoolers will show an increasing awareness of print in classroom, home, and community settings. They will progress in recognizing the association between spoken and written words, and in associating the names of letters with their shapes and sounds. As children’s interest in reading related activitiy grows, they will learn to retell, act out, and predict what will happen in a story, and learn how to handle and care for books.

Math: In math, we use language to compare numbers, using words like more, less, greater than, fewer, and equal to. We develop spatial sense and patterning, and learn to recognize, describe, and compare shapes, their parts, and their attributes. Preschoolers make use of one to one correspondence and increase their awareness of numbers and counting.

Religion: In Religion, we learn that God created all of us with love. We learn that we may all look different, but have the same feelings and needs. We practice treating each other the way we want to be treated. We learn prayers and pray for our family members and the community around us.

Science: During Science time, we begin to use our senses and a variety of tools to develop a growing awarenes of cause and effect relationships. We also develop an increased ability to observe and discuss the things around us. We use objects’ common properties and differences to compare objects and materials. Simple measuring devices are used as well.

English: Language development time in preschool is about listening, understanding, speaking, and communicating. Preschoolers begin to understand an increasingly complex and varied vocabulary, and make gains in their ability to use language to communicate in conversation and discussions. Through increased clarity in their pronunciation and speaking, preschoolers learn to better communicate.

Social and Emotional Development: Preschool children are just beginning to develop and express self-awareness. Our goals include the development of this self-concept and of the ability to cooperate with others, develop good relationships with peers and adults, and exercise responsibility and self-control.

Kindergarten Curriculum Overview:

Kindergarten Brochure

Our Lady of the Angels’ Kindergarten program aims to promote social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.  We provide a learning environment that stimulates curiosity and an eagerness for learning.

Language Arts: The kindergarten language arts program focuses on the broad areas of oral language, reading, writing, and word study.  Our reading series, Reading Street, provides students with opportunities to strengthen their phonetic reading skills, while using big books, individual readers, songs, and charts

Numeracy & Mathematical Thinking: A good deal of math concepts in Kindergarten are developed during calendar time including patterning, number recognition and order, and the concepts of before and after.  We also provide hands-on opportunities through a variety of math games and manipulatives included within our textbook, McGraw Hill Reveal Math Kindergarten.

Spiritual Development: Our Kindergarten  religion program is Catholic Faith based instruction, encouraging “kind words and actions.”  We rely heavily on classroom discussion and take advantage of the natural curiosity and enthusiasm that a kindergarten aged child has.  Through the use of Bible stories, prayer, and songs, the children’s love and understanding of God and Jesus will continue to grow.  The textbook that our class uses is Blest Are We.

Discovery of the World and Scientific Thinking: We promote inquiry and observation through hands on activities and experiments. Children use their five senses to explore the world through active discovery.  Science is often integrated across the curriculum at this level.  Resources we use include Harcourt Science and Scholastic Magazine Let’s Find Out (includes an online component).

Motor Skills Development, Health & Safety: Gross and fine motor skills are fine tuned in Kindergarten by coloring, cutting, gluing, and writing, as well as playing a variety of games during our two daily recess times.   A full-time nurse is on staff, offering health screenings and special health programs.

Creative Expression: Students use their voices to sing as they discover different body movements through music and dance.  They explore different art media using crayons, paint, play dough, glue, etc.. They learn about the world around them using role playing and  drama.