School Mission and Vision

“To train children, to form them to knowledge and better still to piety and virtue, to cultivate souls, to fashion hearts, what is there nobler, what is more divine?”

-Saint Julie Billiart, Foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur


Our Lady of the Angels School is a traditional Catholic school, rich in history, dedicated to success through excellence in education, leading students toward their fullest potential with Christ as their guide.


Our Lady of the Angels School will prepare students to become independent thinkers who base their actions upon the religious foundations of Jesus Christ. They will continue to be nurtured and grow through their daily interactions among peers, school personnel, parents, and community. Every child will be recognized as an individual and a contributing member of a community that embraces, with respect and acceptance, the cultural, social, and educational differences of its members. The students will recognize their role as responsible participants in an environment that promotes compassion and service for all God’s children through outreach projects. Faculty will be encouraged to continue their professional development in an effort to incorporate new and effective programs into a curriculum that is aimed at allowing the opportunity for each child to reach his/her maximum potential as a student, a citizen, and a child of God.